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FileMaker 13 Reserved Words Reference Table

In FileMaker 13 calculations, specific words (in addition to function names) are reserved and have a special meaning.

Reserved words are assigned a numeric value in the calculation engine and are used to supply arguments to various calculation functions. We recommend you avoid using reserved words as field or table names - and take care to enclose them within quotes where you supply them as text literals (for example within script parameters, conditional formatting expressions and so on).

Below is a list of 31 known reserved words in FileMaker 13:

Reserved Word Value
        True 1
        False 0
        Roman 0
        Greek 1
        Cyrillic 2
        CentralEurope 3
        ShiftJIS 4
        TraditionalChinese 5
        SimplifiedChinese 6
        OEM 7
        Symbol 8
        Other 10
        Plain 0
        Lower 0
        Higher 1
        Strikethrough 1
        SmallCaps 2
        Superscript 4
        Subscript 8
        Uppercase 16
        Lowercase 32
        Titlecase 48
        WordUnderline 64
        DoubleUnderline 128
        Bold 256
        Italic 512
        Underline 1024
        HighlightYellow 4096
        Condense 8192
        Extend 16384
        AllStyles 32767
Note 1: Reserved words are not case sensitive - they will be recogised by FileMaker in upper, lower or 'camel' case.
Note 2: The above list of reserved words is in addition to words used as calculation functions such as Pi and Random.
Note 3: The numeric value associated with a reserved word (as shown above) may be used interchangeably with the word itself in all calculation expressions.


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