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The sculpted artefacts presented in the NightWing Fine Art Studio Gallery are designed and created by Melbourne artist, Ray Cologon. Each piece, large or small, is unique, exploring related forms and themes, and each is individually created and meticulously finished by hand.

Born in Sydney, Australia, Cologon moved to Melbourne to attend art school in the late nineteen-seventies, subsequently graduating with majors in sculpture and media arts. His work style is sensitive, detailed and imaginative, exploring mythic and romantic themes and with characteristic use of flowing, natural and organic shapes and forms.

Cologon has worked in a variety of media, but is best known for his sculpted works in wood, which frequently combine woods with contrasting character, and sometimes introduce other materials (leather, brass, glass, steel, bronze and or aluminium). His work as a sculptor has spanned multiple decades, evolving to represent the individualistic style exemplified by the pieces displayed here.

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The artworks comprising this collection show an affinity for natural materials and frequently feature precious and exotic woods, sometimes combining them with other media. The works integrate traditional and modern techniques to achieve novel and sometimes surprising effects. The work is fine, and achieves a consistently high standard of work, form and finish.

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